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Regular Cayenne Pretzels


The original, combining just the right amount of saltiness, a bit of cool ranch, and a kick of cayenne. No wonder it’s the basis for all our other flavors.

White Cheddar Cayenne Pretzles

White Cheddar

Don’t let the mild flavor of white cheddar lull your tastebuds into false security, the heat sneaks up and builds to a delicious pitch!

Minnesota Mild Cayenne Pretzles

MN Mild

Don’t let the name fool you; even with half the heat of our Regular recipe, these babies are still one hot dish, doncha know.

Limited Release Cayenne Pretzles

Dill Pickle

Not only do these taste like fresh dill, they also have the tang and crunch of a really good pickle. And of course, the right amount of heat. They pair perfectly with a cold beer or a tall Bloody Mary.

Smoked Queso Cayenne Pretzles

Smoked Queso

This is a kicked up, smoked version of everyone's favorite dip. Sweet smoke, cheddar cheese, and just the right amount of cayenne, these may be the best Firesticks flavor yet!

Garlic and Onion Cayenne Pretzles

Garlic and Onion

Delicious snack with just a touch of heat. While these may not be the best choice if you’re on a first date, these have a sharp, savory flavor that’s simply irresistible!

Honey Mustard Cayenne Pretzles

Honey Mustard

Adding a bit of cayenne to the tangy sweetness of honey mustard is the perfect flavor marriage; no prenup is necessary.